Command List for Eat That

A list of the commands on the Eat That bot.
<> indicate arguments and the symbols themselves should not be included.

Customer Commands

Command Usage
!order <your-order> Send an order to be created
!myorder See the current status and information for your order
!cancel Cancels your order if you change your mind
!help Get help using the bot
!commands View a list of available commands
!server Get an invite to join our official server to discuss food or help out
!add Get a link to add the bot to your server
!rules Get a list of our rules to help you order
!apply Apply to join our staff team to help complete orders
!complain Use this if you have any issues at all with our service and we will do everything we can to get it sorted
!stats Display current stats for the bot
!ping See the response time of the bot
!set-prefix Change the prefix of the bot in your server. This requires you to have the "Manage Server" permission.
!vote Get some handy links to where you can show us some support

Staff Commands

Command Usage
!olist View all current orders and their status
!oinfo <order-id> Get the information on a particular order
!claim <order-id> Take on an order to create
!cook <order-id> <message> <urls> Supply the necessary image url(s) to complete a customer's order
!fdelorder <order-id> <reason> Delete a customer's order with a reason and create a warning simultaneously
!go <order-id> <message> Allow the bot to complete an order for you
!mystats See how many orders you have fulfilled this week and in your entire career.
!cheflb See who has got the Top 10 Most Orders Fulfilled this week and in all time

Moderator Commands

Command Usage
!alist See a list of all waiting staff applications
!ainfo <application-id> See information about a particular staff application
!verdict <application-id> Choose whether the student's application was successful
!clist See a list of all current complaints
!cinfo <complaint-id> See information about a particular complaint
!cres <complaint-id> Resolve a particular complaint
!ban <user-mention/id> Ban someone from the server

Head Moderator Commands

Command Usage
!backdoor <channel-id/guild-id> Create a new instant invite to a guild or channel
!afcheck <user-mention/id> <user-mention/id> Look up if two users may be in contact (for prevention of alt account use etc.)
!uinfo <user-mention/id> Pull up basic information on a particular user